Submit Your Writing

Submit Your Writing

If you would like to respond to anything on tenderfoot or write something yourself on materiality please post below .  I will publish a selection.

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  1. Hi Laura,

    I’ve been pondering physical stability for a while and would like to submit a piece of writing to Tenderfoot. My interest began when I read of how a stream of salt will form a conical shape that, at some apparently unpredictable point, will collapse into a new stable form.

    I’m intrigued by the feel of a heavy object suddenly becoming weightless when you push it, using leverage to discover its fulcrum.

    In my sculpture I can’t resist making flimsy things that will fall over – I thought I just wasn’t making them properly but I wonder if I’m just being annoying and provocative? I like leaving heavy objects dangerous near edges, putting a wedge under a plinth so it cants up the sculpture.

    I’d love to write a piece for Tenderfoot and work through these ideas, linking them to the spirit of the time.

    Best wishes,
    best wishes

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