Supper club menu

Supper Club Menu
Served at A Weed by Any Other Name..., held on the 4th May 2024, in collaboration with Come Together.
(Soundbite: menu/intro)
Bramble Tangle
Crunchy buckwheat nest on an umami bean dip, topped w/ a preserved blackberry dressing & fermented rowan & wild garlic buds (sesame).
New Shoots
Foraged Hackney salad w/ fermented wild garlic dressing, fermented knotweed, & toasted seeds (sesame).
Served w/ fermented hogweed & lemon champagne.
Between the Cracks
Cracked black umami crackers w/ foraged weeds & flowers, growing from edible soil (sesame).
Served w/ Japanese knotweed & blood orange champagne.
Gravel Crumble
Crunchy ‘gravel’ w/ elderflower & knotweed compote, candied hogweed seeds, & edible flowering weeds (gluten).