This is a short film about the material engagement one has when making Marmalade. From Water to Stainless Steel, Sugar to Glass, Fruit to Plastic. All the materials you encounter, perform as either Liquids, Solids, Grains, or Gases and in making the jam we are reminded that they can all transition from one thing to another.The Sticky Stuff once set, seems to capture, and hold onto the very sunshine that the oranges grow in


Martin Conreen is an artist and designer. He is currently the interim Programme Leader for the BA Design at Goldsmiths, University of London and one of the founding Directors of the Institute of Making at UCL. Martin undertakes materials consultancy with the prospecting and Innovation Studio (PI Studio) at Goldsmiths where his research has focused on Materials, Crafts and Making. When he is not giving lectures worldwide about design and materials, he can be found at home making pickles for his family and friends.